maria-parkinson“My heartfelt wish as you visit my website is that you find inspiration to brighten your day, renewed faith that life is positive and the motivation and courage to make your dreams a reality.  Remember, hyou are here for a higher purpose:  seek it, find it, live it now!”

Maria is a Perth based Inspirational Messenger, Psychic Consultant,  Author and workshop facilitator who helps people heal and balance their lives.   Her self-help book, “Love, Honour, Oneness – Everything in Life is Positive”, is available for purchase in ebook version from this website.

She was guided to write this book whilst working as a psychic Consultant and Life Coach at The Mystic Rose in Fremantle. Love, Honour, Oneness provides ways to find and follow your higher purpose, transform negative situations into positive opportunities and helps you trust and follow your intuition. It provides a recipe to create an authentic, fulfilling, balanced and joyful life, with no regrets at the end.

Maria’s philosophy is that everything in our lives has a higher positive purpose and meaning, seen from a spiritual perspective. She is therefore passionate about teaching people how to connect to and trust their inner truth, to hone their spiritual gifts and to find the positive, learning in situations they are facing, so that they can move forward to find more harmony and balance in their lives.

She is a Master Results Coach (NLP), holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling (A.I.P.C.), is an Advanced Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue) and an energy healer (Reiki II). She also holds a certificate of metaphysical healing (ULT), is a Reverend in the Universal Metaphysical Ministry with an M.msc in Metaphysics.  Maria also offers Psychic Consultations, Clarity Coaching Sessions and Energy Healings  and has over 20 years’ experience in the psychic and  healing field. She specialises in restoring peoples’ inner power and outer ability to follow their dreams.

Living in England for the first half of her life, Maria experienced many crises, losses and unexpected events in her life. The lowest point came after three events presented themselves at the same time; her seven-year marriage was ending, she had to take voluntary redundancy from her trainee paralegal position due to repetitive strain injury, as well as deal with an increasingly paranoid and demanding mother.

Having been forced to leave the legal world and give up her dream of becoming a paralegal, Maria was made to sit still, at home, for a year and a half. With everything familiar to her literally being taken away; unable to work or use her hands or turn to anyone for support, Maria fell into a deep depression. She could not understand why so many negative things kept happening in her life.

The universe obviously had other plans!

These difficult events were catalysts in Maria’s spiritual awakening and had to occur as they did because she was not listening to the intuitive messages that were trying to get through!  In desperation, she began to turn within and ask God and the universe what they wanted in her life!  The wisdom and the intuitive guidance she was given, led her to her spiritual path here in Australia and it all happened like a whirlwind (but more about that story in her book “Love,Honour,Oneness)!  In Australia, there were more dragons to embrace!

Maria’s wealth of life experiences have helped her to let go of rigid beliefs and develop her intuitive gifts of deep compassion and empathy for people, the ability to read people’s emotions and blocks and clearly see the higher positive purpose in apparently negative situations.