Maria was guided to write this book whilst working as an Intuitive Consultant and Life Coach at The Mystic Rose in Fremantle.  Love, Honour, Oneness provides ways to find and follow your higher purpose, transform negative situations into positive opportunities and helps you trust and follow your intuition.  It provides a recipe to create an authentic, fulfilling, balanced and joyful life, with no regrets at the end.   You can read the press release here.


“Hi Maria,

WOW!!!  After several false starts I’ve just finished my first read of your book. I say first read because a second and maybe a third read will be in order to digest all the information provided in this magnificent text. I’m not so much a person of words – it’s more straight lines and circles with a few curves for me, – but this book has now introduced a new myriad of curves into my life. It’s going to take some time to work my way through these curves to try to straighten each one – one at a time – and achieve a true direction for my life.

This book expounds (I think that’s the right word) a whole new meaning to that phrase – “THE MEANING OF LIFE”.
The Universe is full of positives and negatives and this book shows how to properly extract all the positives whilst discarding as many of the negatives as possible (not as easy as it sounds). For people with doubts and misgivings about who they are and where they want to be this is a compulsory read. It will light the Path to a whole and complete new Life.

This book should also be compulsory for all senior high school kids, before they become embedded and entrenched with the concept that they know everything.

It is a credit to you as a writer, as a councillor and mediator.  The book has been created with great care, compassion and love and is deserved of the highest accolades.”

Love, Douwe

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