Article – Disillusioned (Part 1)

Understanding Why You Feel Disillusioned and Restoring Your Balance!

life-coach-perthFeeling disillusioned? I know the feeling well. Maybe you feel that nothing is working in your life. Maybe everywhere you look, there seem to be more things needing your time and attention than you can get to and you see no way of sorting it all out.

So, what happens? You can go into depression and resistance, feeling sorry for yourself, feeling that you do not have the resources to deal with it all, simply because you see no solutions or way out.

Many of us fall into the victim-mode, thinking such things as “why on earth is my life such a mess, why can other people manage and I can’t?” However, asking ourselves why these things happen is not helpful or productive; it just ensures that we feel even more powerless, unless it then becomes the catalyst that spurs us on to action.

Are we willing to go ask the people we think are managing so much better than we are, for their formula of success?

If we do so, we may discover that nobody manages to manage everything in their lives. Everyone has areas they are managing well and others that they are still working on.

If you are feeling disillusioned, a positive way to view it is that a lot of things are coming up to be dealt with because a change is required.

There is a belief I subscribe to that says, “God never gives you more than you can handle” so, you are definitely up for the challenge otherwise you would not have been given it.

1.   First of all, realise that you are feeling disillusioned because this is not the way you expected it to be. Things work out in whatever way is for our highest good according to universal law.

2.  Attend to your feeling of being disillusioned. The very fact that you feel that way means you are out of balance. Nothing is more important than you feeling better right now.  Before you can change anything else you need to change your own vibration to a more joyful one. So, it’s time to find something that makes you happy or makes you laugh and just focus on that until you begin to feel better.  My cat is amazing. He is always peaceful, accepting, loving. He brings us joy. He reminds me of what is important in life; how you treat others and the energy you carry with you, to them.

3.  Remind yourself of other times when you felt disillusioned and how you managed to get through them. You found new solutions and resources you never new you had; you can do so again.

4.  Work with what you have. Accept that whatever is in front of you is what needs to be dealt with and it is no use trying to avoid it. It won’t go away because what it needs is “attention”.  If your relationship is not working as you would wish it to, focus on your communication and get that clear. How about beginning to praise your partner, no matter what they do and see what happens. Then, keep that going for a week and see the difference it makes.

5.  This is just a temporary phase. Even though it may feel like “forever” you will get through this. Remember times when you were happy and focus on those to help lift you out of this state of mind.

Feeling disillusioned is part of living but it does not have to become your life.

©2011 Maria Parkinson

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