Article – Disillusioned (Part 2)

What to Do When Things Go Wrong and You Feel Disillusioned With Life!

happyDisillusioned with life? Don’t know what to do to move forward? We all have times in our lives when we feel like giving up and wonder what the point of anything is really. Things become meaningless to us and nothing seems to matter or have any importance.

When you find yourself in that state of mind here are some ways forward:

1.   Pray – if you are religious or spiritual, sending a call up for help is the best thing you can do because sometimes, we cannot handle everything on our own but with God, all things are possible.

2.   Meditate – this is a way to receive Gods’ answer. Get quiet for 10-15 minutes a day, hold a question in your mind and wait for an answer to arrive. Remain calm and it will come. If you do not receive an answer straightaway then wait and try again. Everything happens in divine timing.

3.  Rest – it is no use getting overtired and stressed. Things can seem worse when you are not sleeping or getting enough rest. Take time out to relax and take your mind off your situation.

4.  Break the situation down into smaller aspects. If you feel your whole life needs an overhaul then take a particular area of your life and just focus on that. If you try to do everything in one go you will feel overwhelmed.  Look at the life area you have chosen and decide on one small change to implement and do so. You will begin to feel more in control of your life and issues if you tackle things this way.

5.  Know when to stop. If you are feeling disillusioned it is time to stop what you are doing and take care of your energy as it is running low. Are you constantly “on call” or pushing through your own boundaries? That is not balancing your life or your health.

6.  Make a plan. If someones behaviour is getting you down, make a plan in advance as to how you will deal with them, so that you keep your energy high. How will you deal with another day when things do not go “right”? Maybe plan to laugh at things rather than taking them so seriously.

7.  Adopt the view that whatever happens is meant to be happening. Become curious. Sometimes when things appear to be going “wrong” they are actually going right, for example, let’s say you were supposed to catch a plane for a business trip and for some reason you were delayed and missed the flight. Instead of getting uptight and giving yourself a coronary, another way to look at it might be to think that for some reason you were not meant to be on that flight.  The universe has your best interests at heart and is always looking out for you. It may be you are being protected from something; it may be you are needed elsewhere instead.

8.  If things go “wrong” they are meant to, so that we can grow and find new ways forward. If you are feeling disillusioned you are being asked to go to your next level of growth. You may have outgrown a situation or a way of doing things – try something new or a different way to do things.

It simply means that the old ways are no longer working so new solutions are required. That takes effort. There is nothing wrong with you or the situation. You are merely being asked to find novel ways to solve things.

Being disillusioned with life gives us time to re-evaluate what is important and worth keeping and what needs to be discarded. It allows us to shed old ways and find new solutions.

©2011 Maria Parkinson

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