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The Use Of Energy Healing As A Preventative Health Measure!

energy-healingEnergy healing is a must if we want to remain healthy and balanced in our lives. It can already facilitate healing by clearing blocks in our energy fields, by helping us find balance when we are feeling unwell and giving the body a boost to access its inherent healing power. But what about using it as a preventative measure?

Energy healing is very important for future prevention of disease in that, it can help us to identify potential energy blocks, before they arise as physical health issues in the body. The way this can occur is that the healer reads the energy surrounding a particular area of the body as they are working on it with their hands. They use their psychic skills to obtain guidance as to what needs to be worked on and healed, in order to bring more balance and ease into the client’s life.

For example, a person might come in for an energy healing for their knee and, as the healer is working on them, she or he may also find blocked energy in the throat area. They might advise the person that they need to speak up about an issue they are dealing with, to prevent it manifesting as a sore throat or even depression. Energy left uncleared eventually crystallizes into illness.

The person has just been provided with a way to keep their health intact and to clear an issue in their lives. Now, it is up to them whether they follow the advice and put it into practice.

If our energy systems whether emotional, mental or spiritual, become blocked or unbalanced, we can feel stressed, and if this becomes chronic, it can manifest as illness over a period of time. Disease is our body’s way of letting us know that something is not working properly in our lives. If we do not pay attention to the slightest symptom that all is not well, then the body will make the symptoms louder so that we will listen.

If we want to prevent disease, we need to become aware of the minutest detail when we are beginning to feel out of balance and realise that all is not well. That is the time to take action. Having regular energy healing can ensure we keep ourselves in balance and harmony and live a healthier life.

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