Psychic Consultations

intuitive-readingsI aim to provide you with the positive insights that your higher self wants you to know right now. This psychic reading can help you find direction in your life, your life purpose and make a clear decision if you are facing a crossroads. As I work from a healing perspective to bring clarity to any issues you may be encountering, I do not make predictions because I believe that can promote limitation and dependence. You could be waiting for something to happen that may or may not occur, all the while not connecting to your own guidance and intuition to create what you want. My aim is to empower you, help expand limited perceptions and bring in new possibilities because life is not set in concrete; as you change your perceptions, you change your life.

I also obtain information for you by using your name and birth information to answer questions you may have and offer suggestions for ways forward.  This reading can also provide insight as to the lesson your current circumstances are providing you with.

Psychic Consultation: $70

Energy Healing $80

Reiki healing sessions can assist you to find more balance, help you de-stress, boost your energy and assist you in creating better health and well-being and align you to your spiritual mission in life.