Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching – What is involved?life-coaching

Life coaching assists you to take stock of what is and is not, working in your life at this moment in time, what you would like to change and what motivates you to achieve positive results in your life. The first step is to clarify what you want – you would be surprised as to how many people know what they do not want but not what they do want. Then we create a plan with action steps and strategies to empower you to achieve your goal. Life coaching involves tasks being set for you to act on.

Along the way, we walk through any roadblocks that may present themselves and this may involve:

1. Challenging and changing your perceptions of situations.

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Why Choose Transformational Life Coaching?

Sometimes people go to counselling or into therapy for assistance and for some people these are beneficial and highly necessary. However, in my experience, counselling and therapy can be slow processes and can keep people stuck by dredging up and analysing negative emotions which keep them disempowered and focussed in the past, when what might really be required is to focus on the now and the future and empower people to begin moving forward in life. When we experience problems, many of us may turn to psychic readings hoping that someone will provide us with a vision of better things to come. Whilst readings have their own value and can provide hope, if we just sit and wait for things to occur which may or may not eventuate, we are giving our power away when we could be taking action to improve our lives. I have seen many people for intuitive readings who would have benefitted from life coaching. Whilst intuitive readings are a beginning and may help you gain clarity and insight, life coaching provides you with the necessary tools to change things in your life so that you find more balance, joy, meaning and fulfilment.

Life Coaching – Who Is It For?

My belief is that, no matter what has happened, you can move on and be happy if you will begin to focus on what you really want, take action steps towards it and be persistent.

According to some people, life coaching is for already successful people to use to create their ideal life. The type of Life Guidance coaching I offer is for everyone who wants to create positive change in their life. Everything begins with who you are – every situation is giving you a message so that you can move forward in your life but often, we misinterpret the messages or we do not understand their meaning. I can help you clarify what you are working on, why things appear to be “going wrong” and how to steer them in the right direction. I provide you with the best of both worlds’ coaching; both practical and spiritual tools to help create balance unity and harmony in your life. Your task is to accept responsibility for and take charge of your life by following through with guided action. If you really want to create change in your life then regular coaching sessions are the way to go. These can be in person or over the telephone.

Who I Work With

I work with people who are ready and open to change because they are seeking new ways forward and new perceptions. They are ready to take responsibility for their lives, embrace their power and value, discover and live their true purpose in life and find their joy. I work from the premise that we create everything in our lives and that, whatever occurs is for our highest good, seen from a spiritual perspective. It is only when we turn within and ask, that we can view situations from this higher perspective.

Blame, anger, resentment need to be transmuted into positive ways forward if we are to live a life of unity, joy and service. When you are ready to make your way out of these emotional states, then I can assist you.

My focus is to help you move forward and get you out of negative thinking and paralysis. Therefore, I do not offer counselling or go over and over negative emotions or negative stories because they only serve to keep you stuck in negativity (been there, done that!). I tend to look at situations with a view to finding the positive growth lesson in them; to transform the negative to a positive. My experiences have taught me that, until you can recognise the gift in a situation and see how it is supporting your growth, you cannot move forward. It is only when we let go of knowing what we think we know, that new knowing can enter! If we already “know” everything or wish to remain stuck in blame and victimhood, then there is no room for us to consider a different perspective.

heartsHow I Work

Being both traditionally and metaphysically-trained and highly intuitive, means you receive the unique benefits of a holistic coach and consultant at the same time. Getting to the heart of the matter very quickly means I can bring clarity to confused and negative thinking, transform rigid beliefs and expand limiting perceptions so that you can live your own truth rather than somebody else’s life. I can assist you to find and follow your life purpose, reduce stress and live a life of integrity and joy.

I can provide you with positive insights and pinpoint what needs to change in order for you to return to balance and harmony, thus saving you time and money in the process. With traditional life coaching, recommendations or solutions for problems are not normally given but rather the client is helped to find their own answers.

I work in a unique and holistic way by incorporating the practical, the psychic and the spiritual together – that means I help you integrate spiritual experiences into your life, find your intuition and follow it and provide you with practical skills to make your life work. My experiences and skills as a consultant mean that, I can also provide you with a more inspiring perspective that turns life challenges into growth opportunities and can suggest positive and innovative ways forward. I nurture, encourage, inspire, motivate and get you into action and help you over any roadblocks you may encounter along the way, keeping you on track until you reach your goal. Your part is to stay committed and be prepared to take responsibility for your life because, ultimately, you are in charge of your results. Success is having crystal-clear intentions, beliefs and thoughts that support you and taking steps forward in integrity. Two heads are better than one when both are focussed on a positive solution.