A Soul Realignment Reading is not a reading you may come across in a new age shop that is just given verbally in half an hour or even an hour at that and it is not predictive leaving you waiting for things to happen TO you.

This is a Professional in-depth personalised reading and clearing for people who are experiencing negativity or feeling stuck in their lives and who actually want to move forward and are willing to take responsibility for their choices in life and make changes. As such, it takes time to prepare (up to 2-3 weeks) and make sure of accuracy, in order to serve each person’s highest good and includes not only at least an hour to an hour and a half face-to-face or telephone session for me to go through the reading with you but also a recorded set of MP3’s for you to listen to at your convenience and some clearing homework to do.

The information given in this reading can transform your life if you will take the necessary steps forward. The Price of the reading reflects what you are paying for; transformation and my skills to help support you on your journey to who you really are.