Soul Realignment – Psychic Reading

A Soul Realignment reading and clearing is an in-depth psychic reading that provides  information about your particular Soul gifts, characteristics and life purpose and gives you insight into the negative blocks and restrictions preventing you from living more of your spiritual nature. It also gives you a way to clear the blocks affecting you so that you can adopt more positive choices to achieve your goals. This is an invaluable psychic reading if you are serious about living a more positive and fulfilling life.

Soul Profile Reading


In this reading you will discover:

  • your Soul Group characteristics
  • how many Spirit Guides you have and whether they are positive or negative
  • your primary life lesson
  • the divine gift/s and energies that you were born with that can help you create abundance in your life.

Investment : $150

Soul Realignment Reading

As well as a complete Soul Profile, this psychic reading includes the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you fully living your Divine purpose and also involves clearing these blocks from your Akashic record so that you may make more positive choices to create the life you want.

Investment: $295

Property Clearing

Just like negative energies affect us in everyday life so can they affect the property we happen to live in, leaving us feeling exhausted, depressed, experiencing conflicts and generally feeling uncomfortable in our own homes. This reading provides insight into the negative energies found within a property and clears them completely restoring harmony once again.

Investment: $100

Relationship Reading

For people who really wish to understand and grow spiritually from their relationships, this reading provides insight into the dynamics of and the negative blocks and restrictions that are currently affecting the relationship. It also provides insight into the particular life lesson that the partners are working on and a way to clear the current blocks and restrictions.

Investment: $395

Life Situation Reading

This reading is for people who have first had the Soul Realignment Reading and clearing and are now ready to clear more blocks that are being presented in their life. It is a reading which is available as an ongoing resource whenever new situations arise in a Client’s life that they wish to clear.

Investment: $250

Life Lesson Reading

This psychic reading shows you which particular lessons you have chosen to experience this lifetime, the areas in your life where the lessons are currently showing up and how to deal with them. An invaluable reading to gain insight into your Soul’s agenda.

Investment: $100