Article – Life Problems

Turning Life Problems Into Growth Opportunities

life-problemsSome people see life problems as negative experiences that are stressful and painful. Others view them as challenges to be overcome. A third opinion is that everybody on this earth has been given life problems in order to grow personally and spiritually. How you choose to experience them, all comes down to the definition that you adopt.

If you want to learn from your experiences then it is necessary to change your perceptions. Here are some things to consider that will help you turn your problems into opportunities.

1.   Some of us have learned negative perceptions and tend to view life problems as punishment being meted out to us. We need to challenge our way of thinking. The question to ask is, are we all being punished, because we all experience similar issues in our lives? What if there is no punishment? What else could this mean? Find a new positive meaning to help yourself move forward in life.

2.  When something happens remind yourself that there is always a solution even though you may not be able to see it straightaway. If you go into panic, you will become confused. Creative answers can be found when you are calm. Sometimes, you need to get quiet and sit with something for a while in order to find the solution and sometimes, there is more than one solution.

3.  If you feel like giving up, do not allow yourself to sink into negativity as this will cause paralysis. Just tell yourself that you will find the answer, that you have the resources to deal with this and that you have dealt with everything you have been given in your life so far. Have faith in yourself.

4.   Develop curiosity. When life problems arise, become curious as to what the positive message is for you. What are you to learn from this experience that will help you progress in your life? If you think of yourself as a student of life and look at things in a philosophical manner, you will be better able to deal with them and uncover their deeper meaning. Life is a mystery to be unravelled.

5.   If you cannot find a solution straightaway, here is a creative way forward. Take two boxes with lids (shoe boxes are good or small gift boxes). Mark one box as “problems” and the second one as “solutions”. Write the problem down on a piece of paper and then put it into the “problems” box. In the second box marked “solutions”, place several small pieces of paper.

Once you have placed your problem into the box ask your subconscious mind to have a solution ready for you tomorrow morning and then, get on with your day. The following day, go to your “solutions” box, take out a piece of paper, sit down quietly, relax and take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed. Then, open your eyes, remind yourself that you have the answer and write out your solution.

Keep writing until you have finished. You may be surprised at what happens. Life problems can be turned into growth opportunities if we just choose to view them as exciting adventures into the unknown.

©2011 Maria Parkinson

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